The structure of the Work Plan has been divided into 7 work packages (WPs) associated to two different blocks: 5 WPs devoted to Innovation Activities (WP 1 to WP5) and 2 WPs devoted to Coordination Actions (WP6 and WP7).

The figure below illustrates the interdependency of the seven work packages planned in RAISELIFE. WP1-4 are of pure technical content. The main aim of these work packages is to assess the durability of different material developments for CSP under field tests and an extensive accelerated aging testing campaign. The failure modes will be analyzed and the materials will be optimized and retested to assess the expected lifetime improvement. Service lifetime estimation models will be derived for the studied materials and fed into WP5 to perform an economic analysis of the newly developed materials. Economically beneficial material developments will be exploited and employed in future CSP projects by the involved industrial partners (WP6). In addition, the herein developed methodologies to detect degradation and to test components under accelerated aging will be summarized in a catalogue of best practices and transferred to standardization committees. Furthermore the catalogue of good practices will contain documents on the application and use of RAISELIFE materials for wider dissemination (WP6). WP7 deals with project management and coordination to ensure good communication among the partners and the time efficient achievement of the stated objectives.

RAISELIFE pert chart