WP3 Receiver coatings

WP Leader: BSII

  1. Lifetime and durability estimation of four high solar absorptance (HSA) coatings developed by four consortium partners (BSII, Fraunhofer, DFI and INTA/BSII coating system). The coatings will be tested under realistic solar flux profiles and lifelike thermal cycling and stresses to understand their failure mechanisms.
  2. Coating design improvement (BSII, INTA, Fraunhofer, DFI) and accelerated testing to prove extended lifetime.
  3. Examination of an on-tower application method and solar curing of one HSA coating for recoating or repair of coatings to save O&M cost.
  4. Development of an automatic application machine for one HSA coating for improvement of coating durability and optical performance due to improved homogeneity of the layer deposition.
  5. Improving the application process and the environmental resistance of a sol-gel absorber and AR coatings for non-evacuated linear receivers.