WP4 Corrosion resistant high-temperature metals and coatings for molten salts

WP Leader: UCM

  1. Develop corrosion resistant coatings for steels in molten salt environments and optimize the deposition conditions.
  2. Study the corrosion behavior of different substrate steels (uncoated) and new corrosion resistant coatings in molten salt environments, in both static and dynamic systems (to estimate long-term corrosion rates).
  3. Study the effect of molten salts in the heat-affected zone of weld regions.
  4. Analyse the influence of molten salt impurities on the corrosion rate of the previously proposed steels and coatings. Define acceptable impurity levels.
  5. Develop an on-line corrosion monitoring system for molten salt environments. Perform tests in laboratory and industrial scale.